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Felipe Calvarro

Dancer / Choreographer


It was at the age of 11, alongside Vicente Lerìn Losilla, that he learned Spanish dance and flamenco. Called by the ballets "Los Muchachos" and "Camino", he quickly took part in numerous tours as well as to ensure the first parts of shows such as Paco Ibàñez and Manitas de Plata.

It was in 1990 that he joined the ballet "Andalucia" with which he participated in operettas such as "La Belle de Cadix" at the Mogador Theater in Paris, the opera "Carmen" at the Limoges opera, and many flamenco ballets. In 1992 he joined the group of Paco El Lobo with whom he made various national scenes as a solo dancer. At the same time, he created with his brother his own ballet, the "Ballet Alba" and created, among other things, a show on the life of Federico Garcia Lorca and in 2008 "L'amour Sorcier" at the Lyon Stock Exchange. In 1995 he took part in the series "Highlander" in the role of Rafael. In 2004 he joined the troupe of the Operetta Festival of Lamalou les Bains as  dancer and choreographer for pieces of Spanish character such as "The Prince of Madrid", " Andalusia "," Imperial Violets "…. In January 2011 he was hired as a dancer at the Théâtre du Chatelet for "The Barber of Seville" as well as in December at the Bastille Opera in the opera "La force du destin". "In 2014 he created his own ballet: The Ballet Solea with which he toured, as a Choreographer / Dancer, the "Chanteur de Mexico" in various Zeniths of France, shows around the operetta, "Andalusia" and "La Belle de Cadix" at the Théâtre de l ' Odéon de Marseille in January 2016 and October 2018, he will return there in 2019 as well as at the Opéra Bastille. He will participate in the creation of “Momentos” by Valérie Ortiz in 2019/2020.

Felipe Calvarro


Valérie Ortiz " La Carmelilla"

Sophia Sena

Lorena Debray

Sabrina Llanos Tarragona

Carolina Pastor


Nathalie Franceschi


Yurentz Bermudez


Clément Duvert

sophia Sena
sophia Sena
Valerie Ortiz
laureen Debray
clément Duvert
carolina Pastor

Musicians / Singers

Jesùs  " El Tomi "


Jean-Baptiste Marino


Paul Buttin "Polchu"

Alexis Sebileau


Urbano Calvarro


Sébastien Sarda



paul Buttin "Polchu"
Jesus Carceller "El Tomi"
Jesus Carceller "El Tomi"
Urbano Calvarro
paul Buttin "Polchu"
Jean Baptiste Marino
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