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The flamenco voice translates the deepest, most sincere human feelings, those that words cannot express. The spectator is enveloped and drawn into the meanders of human spirituality in the face of the vagaries of Life.

Le Ballet Solea

vous présente

Suite Flamenca

A generous spectacle, rich in colors, high in emotions which expresses the values of an ancestral tradition.


The gesture of the dancers, the sparkle of the song, the chords of the guitars ... draw the spectator into the vertiginous spirals of flamenco.


Tender or nostalgic sequences follow pieces of bravery performed by accomplished artists.

Tangos Flamencos

Federico !


A tribute to the great Spanish poet through the interpretation of his collection "Cantares populares".


Love, jealousy, passing time, death ... so many subjects dear to Federico García Lorca that the Ballet Solea makes us discover or rediscover in an original setting.

L' Amour Sorcier

This show was created at the Lyon Labor Exchange in 2008.

A mix of Flamenco with the music of Manuel De Falla.

Solea por Buleria
L'Amour Sorcier à Lyon

Zarzuela y Flamenco

Zarzuela's great arias are interpreted by sopranes, baritones and accomplished tenors. Songs from the Spanish and flamenco lyric repertoire, complete this recital to the delight of music lovers.

Without forgetting the interludes and interludes of Zarzuela interpreted by the dancers of the Ballet Solea.

Œuvres lyriques

  "Carmen" by Bizet, "La Traviata" by Verdi, "La Belle de Cadix" by Francis López, "Violettes Impériales" by Vincent Scotto and others ... as many works as the Ballet Solea brilliantly illustrates.

L'Amour Sorcier à Lyon
Zarzuela y Flamenco à Lamalou les Bains
La Force du Destin.jpg

Soirées Evenementielles

The Ballet Solea is also called to participate in many event evenings.

evenementiel / Ballet Solea
Ambiance Gipsy
La Belle de Cadix à Lamalou les ains
Animation Mariage / Ballet Solea
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